©Lionel Gasperini

Because we are a body and a spirit.

Because some objects have the power to transform us.

Because what we possess represents us,

And what we pass on will say about us.

Because we need intelligence and transcendence.

Because we live in the real, but we aspire to the extraordinary.

Because water, air, fire and time are our pillars.

Because magic is both a dream and a science…

There is a word that often comes to mind for Mathieu Lehanneur: magic. Emphasizing the wonder that arises when we're least expecting it is a frequent occurrence for this French designer, known throughout the world for his talent in bringing together technology, art, and design. Born in 1974, Mathieu Lehanneur is one of the rare designers of his generation to be able to embrace such a wide range of creative fields. His approach is radically multidisciplinary, ranging from objects to architecture, from artworks to products, and from unique hand-crafted pieces to cutting-edge technological works. His designs are inspired by nature, science, history, and technology. An avid proponent of experimentation and new creative territories, he collaborates with leading artisans as well as being involved in several start-ups in the fields of technology and urban mobility. Through his eponymous brand, Mathieu Lehanneur produces and distributes his creations worldwide. Alongside the Factory, where he develops and fabricates his ideas, he has opened his Pied-à-Terre in New York. In this hybrid and exclusive space, located in one of the city's most beautiful skyscrapers, he creates a dialogue between his latest creations and his world. Mathieu Lehanneur is a key player in the French design scene, and the winner of the City of Paris's "Grand Prize for Creation". Today, his works are held in the world's most important public and private collections.

Centre Pompidou, Paris
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New-York
Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA), San Francisco
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
Design Museum, Gent, Belgium
FRAC, Ile de France