The Inventory Of Life

The Inventory of Life exhibition comprises four different pieces - State of the World, 50 Seas, Live/Leave and How Deep Is Time - which not only represent us, our lives, our surroundings and our reality, but also create a special sense of unity. These inert yet poignant objects become records of our existence and shared feelings, allowing us to grasp a reality that seems abstract and ephemeral by appearing in tangible form.Poetic yet precise, fleeting yet endless, abstract yet real, personal yet universal, Mathieu Lehanneur's pieces are conceived and designed for us and through us. This is Mathieu's Inventory of Life, which gives shape to our ephemeral lives through a visual manifestation of facts and figures.
"In this very particular moment in our history, I wanted to be able to embody humanity in its entirety; to be able to crystallize the infinitely large and complex in objects. Inventory of Life is a way to make our present and future visualizable and tangible."Mathieu Lehanneur