Fleeing out, breathing in, living the moment. The Outonomy project is an ecosystem of life that's both minimal and optimal. I wanted to suggest an alternative vision to the modern representation of man dominating over nature. Far from all the noise and density, it looks toward another place where each of us can rethink our way of living and interacting with our environment. A place to invent and to reinvent ourselves. Outonomy is inspired by the emergence of survivalist notions that are currently appearing in numerous ways around the globe, from the mild to the highly paranoid. The idea here is not to go down the road of the bunker or to contemplate the apocalypse, but rather to question the life that we wish to lead. Without aiming for total self-sufficiency, the desire for independence implies that we must first consider the pillars of our basic needs: my food, my energy, my activities, my security, and my comfort. Outonomy is a possible return to our original cave, while being sure to bring with us the comforts we're no longer willing to live without. Are you ready ?