Maison Cailler, Flagship Store

Neslté, Switzerland

Mathieu Lehanneur has designed the first flagship store for the mythical Swiss chocolate maker MAISON CAILLER (Nestlé). Situated in Broc, in the middle of the Swiss mountains at the very place where the internationally renowned chocolate is produced, this small building (60m2) will welcome visitors to the manufacturer with a tasting destined to make your individual 'chocolate personnalities' or that of your loved ones to offer formulas best suited to your taste. Mathieu Lehanneur draws upon the local tradition of 'tavillon,' the wooden Swiss tiles, that he appropriates to design an armadillo structure, the small animal covered with scales capable of rolling itself into a ball in the blink of an eye. A building which has buttoned down the hatches, a protective yurt placed on its native soil for a motionless journey to the land of taste.

The entrance to the carapace, whose entrance is sliced as radically as a piece of Gruyère, the other regional speciality, visitors experience a sleek and streamlined interior. The laboratory protocol dear to the French designer sets the tone for an experiment for guinea pigs in the world of pleasure: 5 chocolate samples will reveal your preferences and your 'chocolate personnalities' to lead you towards the formulas which will most closely satisfy your stress-related food cravings. A test is also available online on the brand's website