Liquid Marble Series, V&A

Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

"I like the contrast between the deep silence of Liquid Marble and Norfolk House Music Room, whose luxurious décor hosted the most beautiful symphonies. " ML
Liquid Marble" is the surreal and materialized vision of the static sea in its movement. Entirely made of polished black marble, the work perfectly reproduces the relief of water. The environment reflects and distorts itself, and the intense black of the marble fascinates by the depth it offers to see. "Liquid Marble" seems like a piece of ocean fossilized in stone ...
As a guest of the 2016 London Design Festival, Mathieu Lehanneur has chosen to present a new variation of this series in the Norfolk House Music Room of the V & A Museum. The Room's rich gold ornaments thoroughly complement calm and monochrome of this work. Designed using the latest 3D software used for moving pictures special effects, "Liquid Marble" is entirely made in digitally sculpted marble and, after, polished by hand.
For the V & A Museum, "Liquid Marble" is presented to 30 cm high, elevated by a pedestal.