Labobrain, Cultural Center Office

Le Laboratoire, Paris

The LaboBrain is a workplace for Harvard science Professor David Edwards, founder of Le Laboratoire. It also serves as a space for bringing together his creative team for meetings, vision quests and brainstorming sessions.
Besides function, its design aims at stimulating thought and creativity in a spherical layout encapsulated like the two sides of the brain:
- One side Cartesian, for storing, classifying and organizing - all white, with walls shaped by boxes for papers and archives - like a clean memory bank waiting to be constituted;
- The other, wholly intuitive - reflecting the imaginative and creative region of the brain, instead of standard solutions, seating and work surfaces conducive to calculating, drawing or snoozing, with an alcove screened by a concave white sketch-board wall. Space defines the work area for a cave-man/mathematician - beneath whose feet, under a metal grate, green plants pump up an organic supplement of pure oxygen.
The LaboBrain opens to the outside world via a plate glass window and as the visible part of Le Laboratoire suggests a public experiment in space planning. David Edwards is the potential guinea pig of his experimental office.