dB, White Noise Diffuser

Elements Collection VIA Carte Blanche

White Noise Speaker

Very much like a household pet, dB moves around like a rolling ball. It constantly captures the sound level of its habitat, and as soon as it considers that the volume of noise is unacceptable, it moves into a position as close as possible to the source of the noise, whether it is a crying child or a TV set. It can also position itself beside a window if it considers the outside noise is too loud. In all cases, it continuously emits the manufactured sound known as white noise, which is the sum of all frequencies that are audible to the human ear, brought to the same intensity. While noise is a cause of disruption, the advantage of white noise lies in the fact that it creates a band of sound whose lesser intensity enables the brain to adjust to it, and no longer be disturbed by outside nuisance. It is no accident that some people claim to sleep very peacefully beside a waterfall, since the sound it creates is very close to white noise.