Boom Boom !, Bluetooth Speaker


Mathieu Lehanneur is introducing Boom Boom, a different wireless audio speaker.

Combining elements of nature and friendliness, Mathieu Lehanneur wanted "a speaker that was as simple, instinctive and enticing as an apple that has
just fallen from a tree. A sonorous object ripe for the picking". With no top and no bottom, the shape perfectly lends itself to the users own intuition and creativity in use, making it "as self-explanatory and magical as a piece of fruit," says Mathieu Lehanneur.

Boom Boom builds a deeper bond with people by speaking in several languages in a warm and human way, a feature which resonates perfectly with a
designer who has always blended design with magic. "An object has never communicated so well before! ", laughs Mathieu. By introducing friendliness and a sense of comfort to a great portable sound experience, Mathieu Lehanneur and Binauric have taken a bold leap towards integrating smart technology with human design.

Lastly, inspired by the flow and growth in nature, Boom Boom is prepared for a series of thoughtful additions and functionalities that will further enhance this little unit as time goes on. Time will not stand still for such an interactive acoustical piece of design.