Andrea, Living Air Purifier

Upon the return of the first space flights and many analyses, NASA discovered a high level of toxic volatile compounds in the astronauts' body tissues. The American spacecraft mostly constructed of plastic, fibreglass, insulating materials and fire retardants gradually poisoned the astronauts.
The same effect was experienced in our living spaces. Each manufactured product gives off or - more precisely - emits even several years after having been manufactured.
 This is invisible and imperceptible by humans, the products and equipment constantly give off the volatile components of which the material is made of.
The wooden table off-gases pentachlorophenol from its' fungicides, the paint emits the trichlorethylene from its' binders (Listed N° 2 in the carcinogenic substances). Formaldehyde (listed as a "definite carcinogenic" by the World Health Organization) also off-gases fumes from plastic furniture, glues, insulating materials, domestic cleaning products, etc...

ANDREA is a living air filter which absorbs undesirable effects of contaminated air by the profusion of manufactured goods. It takes in the air from the room and absorbs its' toxic compounds.
ANDREA uses plants selected for their filtering ability. (The gerbera,the philodendron, the spathiphyllum, the pathos and the chlorophytum are among the plants found to be most effective.)
The air which passes through the ANDREA is purified by the leaves and roots of the plant.