AirMineral, Sea Serum Diffuser

The Island

The Island is a diffuser of 'mineral serum' obtained through the micro-filtration of sea water. The mineral air thus diffused provides us with vital elements which were ours several billion years ago and which give inside air, the same therapeutic virtues as if we were living beside the sea.
This patented process in fact allows a mineral environment to be reconstituted in a natural way in all enclosed spaces and thanks to a cold sterilisation process, all the active agents naturally present in sea water to be diffused: that is 97 essential minerals, as well as numerous trace elements. This solution, which has been pharmaceutically approved, has been used for almost a century, both as an injectable and drinkable formula. The bio-medical innovation lays in this new means of absorption through the air allowing rapid assimilation of the active agents.
The Island automatically generates sequences of mineral mists formed of microparticles and allows the organism to benefit from the indispensable and recognised benefits of minerals on cellular metabolism: a moisturizing and antioxidant effect and the strengthening of immune defences as a whole.