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CloverSolar Urban Furniture2015
S.M.O.K.E Pink OnyxCarpenters Workshop Gallery2015
New STUDIO 13/16Centre Pompidou, Paris2015
Café ArtScience, Boston2014
Journey(s) - A Woman In the WorldScenography for Louis Vuitton2014
Soft MemoryHard Drive Disc 2014
Audemars PiguetNew concept Hong Kong - Basel - Miami2014
Boom BoomBinauric2014
Sunflower Chandelier2013
WaterfallHome Humidifier for Chungho, Korea2014
Smart ControlEnergy Monitoring Devices for Schneider Electric2014
Take Time AluminumWatch for Lexon2014
Champagne !Champagne Decanter Bottle for Veuve Clicquot2013
WiserSchneider Electric2014
Pullman Business Playground2013
CloudyFabbian 2013
Studio 13/16 TourCentre Pompidou / Unibail-Rodamco2013
Les CordesChâteau Borely, Ville de Marseille2013
Liquid MarbleMilan Design Week2013
WikiBarLe Laboratoire, Paris2013
Tomorrow Is Another Day2013
Play !JCDecaux2013
ThingsSolo Show, Grand-Hornu Museum2012
Isaac & Graham2012
LabGateLe Laboratoire, Paris2012
The RingTrophy for Fondation Bettencourt Schueller2012
Love & BeyondFuneral Urns for Couple2010
CellBagLe Lbaoratoire2012
Chocolate FlagshipMaison Cailler2012
Digital BreakJCDecaux2012
Take Time !Lexon2012
Strates SystemObjekten2012
Mathieu LehanneurMonograph 2012
Tomorrow Is Another DayCarpenters Workshop Gallery2011
Tea for HennessyHennessy2011
TeleportissmoLa Poste2011
Choir of Saint-Hilaire ChurchMelle, France2011
The IslandAirmineral2011
Once Upon a DreamVeuve Clicquot Ponsardin2010
Soft SilverChampagne and Ice Buckets for Christofle2010
JWT HeadquartersJWT Paris2011
FountainBSL Gallery2010
Studio 13-16Centre Pompidou, Paris2010
Kids' WorkshopCentre Pompidou, Paris2010
TED conferenceMathieu Lehanneur demos science-inspired design2009
AndreaLe Laboratoire2009
Depth BalletNike2009
Power of LoveSlott Galerie2010
The Money Ogre's HouseRA Store, Antwerp2009
PhiAsthma Device for EbM2010
Age of the WorldIssey Miyake Europe2009
Flat SurgeryCarpenters Workshop Gallery2009
S.M.O.K.ECarpenters Workshop Gallery2009
Chester ClubPoltrona Frau2009
Cartier Centennial, USACartier2009
Bucky’s Nightmare2009
Local RiverArtists Space, New York2008
Box CartierCartier2008
LaboshopLe Laboratoire, Paris2008
LabobrainLe Laboratoire, Paris2008
Y's DisplaysY's Mandarina 2007
Flood©Flood restaurants, Paris2007
Tomorrow NowMUDAM, Luxembourg2007
Daylight DomeChristofle2007
dBVIA, Carte Blanche2006
OVIA, Carte Blanche2006
KVIA, Carte Blanche2006
VIA, Carte Blanche2006
QVIA, Carte Blanche2006
L'Eau D'Issey Issey Miyake Parfums 2006
Gary Copper2006
Famille FamiliesFondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, Paris2005
Useful MouldingsFR66, Paris2002
Therapeutic ObjectsProposal for a Galenic design project2001
After Thonet Yohan Serfaty2003