Solo Show, Grand-Hornu Museum

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© Photo Julien Renault
© Photo Julien Renault
© Photo Julien Renault
© Emmanuel Romeuf et Studio Mathieu Lehanneur
"In the real world, a thing is an object that has no life, sometimes no soul. Inert, silent company for man. In science fiction on the other hand, a thing is a living, pulsating, sometimes frightening being. I love these two states, and particularly the transition between one and the other. I love that moment when the thing - like Pinocchio - is animated by an extra bit of life." ML
Production and Curating: Grand-Hornu Images / Marie Pok
Set design: Studio Mathieu Lehanneur
Project manager : Elise Dekens
Coordination: Marie Guédès
Graphic design: Emmanuel Romeuf
Technical: Jean Estiévenart
Logistics: Michel de Cubber
Photos : © Julien Renault
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