Chester Club, Punching Bag

"Poltrona Frau invited me to visit their production plant at Tolentino in Italy. What I discovered there were expertise and an exacting regard for detail that nothing could stop. It is a place outside of time, where the only thing that counts and sets the pace is absolute perfection. My guides planned to cap the tour with a presentation of their Laboratory, where all leather goods, assemblages and finishes are tested and honed. But I never saw it: my flight home sounded another imperative.
To get over my frustration after the curtailed visit, when I got back to Paris I started thinking about a Laboratorio immaginario for Poltrona Frau. A place where artisans - without machines or computers, using just their bare hands and their strength - would start working out on what they'd just made.
In a flash I visualized a big training gym, where the Chesterfield stood in for the punching-bag and where savoir-faire replaced athletic performance..."